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Paul Broun District 10
June 08, 2011 03:56 PM PDT
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When a representative doesn't represent everybody but just his own. I always have believed that a public servant is that; a servant of and for the people. Paul Broun doesn't want to accept that and will ignore any other voice that is not suitable to his own voice and ideas and will keep perpetuating division among his constituents.
I don't even think he is following his own ideas. I think he is serving just the interests of big businesses, otherwise his voting record could be more diverse. Always voting nay to everything important to me is not a good voting record: Nay to Affordable Care Act of 2010, Nay to end the wars, Nay to immigration reform...and the list goes on...

Make Freeloaders Pay
April 18, 2011 07:59 PM PDT
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Augusta, GA. 4-18-11 - On April 18 Tax Day or the official deadline for filing income taxes a group of more than a dozen folks stood unified in their message to make huge corporations like Bank of America PAY UP! This diverse group conducted a rally to demand corporate responsibility in lieu of the fact that banks like BofA enjoy numerous tax loopholes and tax subsidies that leave the rest of us out! Participants presented one area bank President with a list of their demands today at a Peach Orchard location in Augusta, Georgia. Outside onlookers waved and honked at seeing their signs insisting that the corporate giant Play Fair and Pay their Fair Share! Georgia Green Party member Denice Traina added her voice to others and chanted, "Don' Cut Teachers, Don't Cut Cops, Collect Taxes From the TOP!" Citizens from across the country banded together to focus upon the inequities of our income tax laws and how these laws protect the interests of the wealthy but do nothing to reward the middle class whom have suffered in the wake of financial collapse forcing thousands of families into bankruptcy. This followed by a Bail Out engineered by the Obama Administration further impacted working families who did not see a raise in their salaries even though they did see their paychecks devalued since none of their employers saw fit to match the negative effects of inflation thrust upon them. Add this to a failed housing market which prices those making less than $100,000 out of opportunities to achieve their American Dream of home ownership and you have a group of tremendously vocal and frustrated citizens. According to calculations, Bank of America owes the Internal Revenue Service $3,950,000,000.00 and they need to pay up NOW! Over 14,000 people mobilized across the country today to make their demands heard!

Augusta Richmond County Sued
April 13, 2011 06:53 AM PDT
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Augusta, GA (4/12/11) - Town Hall Meeting. Augusta Baptist Ministers Conference and Concerned Citizens of Augusta. Speakers: Barbara Gordon, Dr. Mallory Millender, Dr. James Carter, Rev. Melvin Ivey, Rev. James Williams, Jr.
Lawsuit against the City of Augusta to stop the plan of giving up power of elected officials to bureaucrats, such as the City Administrator. "The black community is under attack."

Georgia Tax Reform
April 08, 2011 09:24 AM PDT
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AUGUSTA (April 7, 2011) – Call conference with Senator Hardie Davis, D-22. A special legislative committee considering the recommendations, with any legislation approved by that committee going directly to the floor of the House of Representatives and the Senate for a vote - bypassing the regular committee process. Among the items reportedly under consideration by the council are ending or reducing certain special-interest tax breaks, re instituting the state sales tax on food, increasing the tobacco tax and imposing a new tax on some professional services..


Mentoring the Youth
March 18, 2011 09:28 PM PDT
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November 12, 2009 08:56 AM PST
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Augusta, GA 11-10-09 - Lee Ballenger has recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Guatemala as a delegate of the Guatemalan Human Rights Commission. The delegation met with leading economists, church leaders, deportees from the U.S. and human rights activists. The focus of the group was to research the effects of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) on the economy of Guatemala and on its citizens. Findings were presented to the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala with interesting results.